Clearing Skies

Posted on Tue May 12th, 2020 @ 6:53pm by Magleroy & Raam Vad

Mission: The Motherlode
Location: Mining Barge Motherlode: 6,000 AU from Numbi Station
Timeline: MD 02: 2000 Hours Local

"Filthy habit," Magleroy uttered with lukewarm contempt while she put her legs up on her console. From a long, glossy black reed, she drew the gray smoke of blacksnake into her lungs and held it. She breathed out a moment later, flicking her canary-colored finger against the mouthpiece. The glowing red cherry on the joint shimmied ash off itself. She handed it back to the Duros after a moment, his blue-gray fingers pinching it. Magleroy frowned, her hairless brows furrowed. "Tastes like a wet, burned Wookie smells," she muttered.

The Duros chortled a resonating, metallic laugh. "But the way it enhances your creativity..." his scarlet orbs narrowed, "And the bursts of color with different smells and tastes..."

Magleroy smirked, "And the edgy paranoia..."

The Duros shrugged a shoulder and placed the black resin reed between the parting of a lipless mouth: the sound he made was a scoff. "Some of the best writers in the Galaxy use blacksnake..."

Magleroy eyed the autopilot, then folded her arms atop her head. She closed her eyes as the effects began to drift along the edges of her psyche. It felt warm and purple. "Yeah, and about a third of them're found dead in a Blacksnake Den. Probably in a cartel-occupied sector on some Mid-Rim backwater too." She hummed, "It's the way to go when you're washed up and don't have any more stories to tell."

"You're very down on something you keep trying," Raam stated calmly, eyeing the ghostly black trail that emitted from the angry red cherry.

"I'm complicated," Magleroy murmured back with a wryness. "How've you not figured that out yet?"

Raam blinked his large eyes and eased back into his chair, "You're not complicated. You're nihilistic. You love giving the galaxy your best Lekku flip."

After a soft hiss, Magleroy smirked to the side. "I've shot people for saying less, Vad."

The Duros chortled multi-toned again, "Prove me wrong," he encouraged as he took tapped a finger on his reed and flicked ashed away.

Magleroy shook her head with her thin smile, "You really are a dirty nerf-tapper..." her smile turned up at the edges. "Good blacksnake tonight."

The Duros grunted, "It's what's left of the bulb supply. Scoker's going to drag his feet on paying up, so enjoy it while you can. He doesn't approve."

Magleroy turned her chair back to her station, leaning her cheek on a pair of fingers. Her lilac gaze stared at the readouts, "Gods-damned sanctimonious Jedi-wannabe..." She spat. "All of them on Jedha are. It's a planet full of crazy mystics and idol worshippers. But he knows his Engineering. And he knows his way around a carbine if we need it."

"And he plays a good game of Shoqr too." The Duros admitted. His slit of a mouth tilted while he hummed at the memory of his victory. His hairless eyebrow perked, "I thought he was on to me about Arky-Five..."

Magleroy scoffed, "You mean that you reprogrammed him to favor us?" She got ready to scold, the need shone in her eyes, "Raam, shavit... really?"

The Duros chortled, and again, his shoulder dismissed it with a rise and fall, "I needed a win." He flicked the ash away and took a heavy drag- so profoundly that one of his eyelids twitched narrowly. "He has his soldier's pension and a five percent haul."

"And you pull a seven percent haul..." The yellow Twi'lek shook her head, her Lekku gently swaying; she flailed a finger at the gray-blue being, "Just make sure you program him back, or he'll get suspicious."

The Duros blew a wave of smoke. When Raam finished, he paused, "And most of it goes to three Ex-Wives..."

"Bantha-smeg, it does," Magleroy countered with a predatory grin. "Prove me wrong." She gestured at herself with a finger, then nodded. When Raam said nothing more beyond his shit-eating grin, Magleroy added, "Uh-huh." The Duros smirked slowly, rolling his red eyes away to his controls.

"The navi-computer says the storm's dropped its intensity by another thirty-seven percent." He stated, changing topics.

Magleroy's lilac eyes narrowed with enough interest that she tried to bat away the acrid odor around them, "Can you get a scan of the planet?" She asked. The Twi'Lek repositioned herself in front of her console and checked their course and speed. The navi-computer was still in automated pilot mode; her thumb poised over the switch if she decided she needed control.

The Duros' blue-gray, bulbous head bobbed. The reflection of his pupil in his red sclera pondered around the readings. "A tide-locked piece of smeg... right on the edge of the frost line." Magleroy shot Raam a discomfited stare: she loathed the cold. The Duros smirked his lipless mouth, "What do you expect from a Chiss?"

Magleroy rolled her eyes with a huff of patient ennui, "Nobody knows the cold like the Chiss. What else can you get?"

The scarlet orbs of Duros narrowed. His long fingers played at his receded chin, tapping there. "Mmm," he harmonized in his throat. "Very little. The storm's still causing an echo. I'm not seeing a base in orbit. It must be planetary."

Magleroy sighed. He itchy thumb retreated from seizing control of the ship. Instead, she leaned back in her chair and was about to put up her feet when she stopped. "You know what? I'm going to sleep. There's a warm, mouthy little Bimm around here somewhere." The Twi'Lek stood, and with a purred groan, she stretched her arms over her head. She flicked one of her Lekku back over her shoulder; it slapped her shoulder blade with a fleshy sound.

Vad grunted. He steepled his fingers then turned them out until he felt his joints pop. He, too, stood, flicking full control of the automated pilot to the ship's systems. "It's time for my second dinner," the Duros grunted. He pat his stomachs, a double-smack just below his ribcage. "Then bed."

Magleroy fingered along the Lekku she'd let remain on her breast as if it were a tapered ponytail. "Tomorrow, we freeze our butts off." The Duros grunted agreement.