The Sim

Players in Legacy of Shadows write their own stories, all revolving around the larger plot of a competitive hunt for remains of technology and knowledge of the long-dead Infinite Empire. All players are expected to follow the lore as laid-out in Bioware's 'The Old Republic' MMO, with Legacy set at the very start of the game's story, where the Cold War has yet to collapse into a full-on conflict. Legacy also has its own canon within the stories of Republic Operation Candlewick and the Imperial Stormbird Initiative, the task forces investigating. We aim for a consistent canon with the exact nature of these peculiar signal beacons, and what might be there when a team finds them. There are still mysteries in this galaxy.

Beyond that, players are free to write their adventures as they see fit. They are expected to not tread on anyone else's toes - while it is entirely possible there may be multiple beacons on one world, we encourage players to either keep their stories separate, or to cooperate when stories intersect. Indeed, the intertwining of stories is encouraged if players want teams to have run-ins, fights, races to the prizes, or team-ups. Remember that while the characters are in a competition and near-war, this is a writing group rather than a role-playing game. No player should be in it to 'win it.'

This section of the website will be used to summarise the established lore of Legacy, such as the exact nature of the Republic and Empire's initiatives to hunt these beacons, and any facts about beacons, their locations, or what has been found there as it is developed. This is to ensure cohesion in storylines and to avoid unnecessary redundancy.