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Position Sith Juggernaut

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Anzat?
Age 307

Physical Appearance

Physical Description The descriptions of NO FATE are inconsistent and somewhat nebulous throughout the last century. The being ranges from 1.85m to 2.4m in height by description. His age cannot be determined. Most accounts described NO FATE as being powerfully built to the point of steroidal mass. NO FATE may be fully biological or partially cybernetic though NO FATE makes no effort to cover his face save for some kind of respirator.

Most accounts have NO FATE as Human but several suggest he is an Anzat: he has been seen releasing the face tentacles of an Anzat. He is consistently described as having an ashen, almost flaky textured skin and rheumy eyes that some suggest glow with an inner light.

One of his greatest inconsistencies is the color, shape and size of any lightsaber he uses. Different accounts have NO FATE using red, blue or green sabers. A consistently described weapon is some kind of hooked, serrated blade weapon. Often but not always, NO FATE was seen accompanied by droids with a hideous quasi-skeletal appearance.

NO FATE has never been reported to speak.


Personality & Traits

Personal History NO FATE is a nightmare, and like most nightmares there's no direct evidence that they actually exist. NO FATE is a boogeyman supposedly having started out in the Outer Rim Territories. He is used to cover up accidents, unexplained disappearances and disasters, as well as the atrocities committed in war. The stories began a little over one-hundred years ago. It is said that NO FATE leaves no one alive when he strikes- it that is true, who tells the stories? Who has the accounts? A large number of rumors about NO FATE are second-hand.

The first few rumors of NO FATE's existence began 104 years ago when a Republic expeditionary force encountered a small Anzat haven in the Outer Rim. The Anzat had been known to have taken "soup slaves" from a colonial convoy and may have raided unaligned trade routes as well. The Republic had gone to eliminate the haven only to discover that it had been raided a day before. Every single thing was dead, including soup slaves that had been slaughtered in their soup corrals. The Anzat had been dismembered and strung up in bizarre mockeries of performance art.

Horrified, one of the Anzat was still alive, though irretrievably insane. He kept chanting, "Nir fathe! Nir fathe!" which the Republic commandos mistranslated as "No Fate." Fathe is Anzati for "Run!" and Nir may be a name, or otherwise a mispronunciation or nonsense of an insane mind.

The Commandos withdrew and later heard on a news wire that another team had found a similar scene thirteen parsecs away but at least a month old. A camp of Brinkers had been slaughtered to the person and, again, their entrails grotesquely organized in odd web-like artistic patterns. The two incidents were assumed to be of the same origin, though there were no survivors of the Brinker slaughter. The sole Anzat in the haven that had survived succumbed to their injuries two days later.

- - - -

There is a real NO FATE, born an Anzat some 300 years ago by the name of Nireo. His origins are lost to the galaxy and centuries of being clouded and perverted by the Dark Side of the Force has robbed NO FATE of much of his original identity. The Dark Side only lets filter through those memories, some lucid but most twisted, to continually fuel his rage. What little NO FATE can glean is that he was a frail and malformed child confined to living in isolation and with crutch assistants. His frailties in youth led to mental instability by early adulthood.

As physically weak as he was, Nireo had a drive to survive despite being ostracized as weak by the Anzat. He was exiled and, foolishly, a group of Humans ignorant of what an Anzat was took him in. He lived with them a short time before his baser instincts took over. He murdered them all and took their soup. And for a few days, he felt- and looked- stronger, more lucid from his instabilities as well. In his mind, Nireo corroborated taking soup with making himself stronger and better. That began a lifelong quest.

The details for the next hundred and fifty odd years come and go. NO FATE has vague, dream-like memories of taking soup in discreet ways, often from the dregs a society would never miss. He thinly remembers a scientific vocation, cybernetics or robotics and the deep frustration he felt by the organization that controlled him, his budget and his work details. But his mind is razor sharp in remembering how the voices within him began to stir, telling him to give in to his hatred, his anger, his need to be free from his weaknesses. In his mind, he needed to end anything that his delusions took as oppression.

Finally he did just that. He fed from the voices and mostly remembers staring at his hands and the thick, slick coating of blood on them after- and just how sweet the soup of his victims had tasted when they were so... terrified of him.