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Pezzir Ve

Name Pezzir Ve

Position Passenger

Second Position Sith Acolyte

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vanterine
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Pezzir is an unusual looking woman from a Near-Human species, the Vanterine. The texture of her skin, which resembles the patterns of retreating sand on a beach, conform to the features on her face. Yet something about it seems "droopy." Her skin is so pale that it is bluish-purple in places. her eyes are vibrantly clear blue and often accentuated by her preference for heavy, dark eye makeup.


Personality & Traits

Personal History Pezzir is of a Near-Human race not commonly seen among the Galaxy at large and when they are, it is in tow of an Umbaran noble or diplomat. Centuries ago, the star Vanterine became unstable. Though it was impossible to save their entire race, the Vanterines were able to save a portion of themselves. They traveled in ponderous hyperspace barges until they encountered the Ghost Nebula. There, they found the native Umbarans who were of a high technology. The Umbarans allowed the Vanterine descendants to live on a windswept plain on a southern series of islands and have largely left them to their own devices.