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Jambre Scoker

Name Jambre Ban-Ivo Scoker

Position Engineer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Jedha)
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Besides Skebior, Jambre is the only other Human among the crew of the Motherlode. Jambre is, to some eyes, quite a looker. He is broad, masculine and powerful, clearly possessing a soldier’s physique. His skin is a warm, dark reddish brown. He has nearly black eyes and his black hair spirals into tight, coarse dreds. More than one person has compared his hair to a mane.

Jambre was badly wounded in battle at the Battle of Coruscant, where the Sith launched a sneak attack against the Republic’s capital while bargaining in bad faith on Alderaan. Jambre lost both of his forearms to a Sith Juggernaut’s blade. After cessation of hostilities and during his convalescence, Jambre was fitted with two cybernetic forearms and hands. Though he has complete feeling and movement with them, he has chronic pain in his elbow joints. They are removable, and Nitashe often helps the veteran remove them before going to bed.


Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests Jambre’s favorite game is Shoqr, a team sport that originated among the Sith troopers; a less deadly version filtered through the ranks of the Republic’s army later. It still has an unsavory reputation and is a sport that people can be injured. It is played with at least four people, two on a team, and can scale up to as many as six per team.

The game is a hand-based ball game, but kicking, knee, elbow, shin, chest and forearm checks are allowed. Players wear specialized equipment in those areas. It is played and behaves a little bit like Soccer but with hands (though some shots are like Basketball). There is a half-hexagon shaped module with a top hole, a middle hole and a bottom hole. Both sides have one. Which hole the player gets the ball in to has different point values based on difficulty (the bottom is 3, the middle is 2 and the top is 1).

An unusual feature of the game is that the field is different from field to field. It is never flat and usually has series of terraces. Some fields employ lower gravity to increase the jump height to particularly high terraces. The “home team” has advantage as they get to design the field to benefit them.

But part of Shoqr also has a Laser Tag or Dodgeball element. Striking a player in an unprotected area of the body gives the game its moniker: the ball is designed to remain inert when it contacts a “play zone” on the body. But when the ball strikes an unprotected portion, a hit zone, it emits a temporary shock of stun energy that incapacitates the hit person- and earns the other side a point. While unpleasant, the effects of the shock are quite temporary- a few seconds.

Jambre has brought Shoqr on to the Motherlode where some of the crew have begun to enjoy playing it. Jambre remains the best player, but Hubb is fast eclipsing Jambre’s advantage.

The Sith version- Spikr- is a far more brutal bloodsport where players are habitually maimed, and the games tend to be far shorter.

Personal History Native to Jedha, a Jedi holy site, Jambre was raised around the Jedi, Jedi acolytes, Jedi hopefuls and Jedi wannabes. He is not Force Sensitive, something he’s never seen much issue with save that being Sensitive seems to automatically make you privileged.