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Raam Vad

Name Raam Vad

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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Duros
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Physical Description With smooth, grayish-blue skin and scarlet red eyes, Raam is one of the Duros species. He has a lipless mouth with no obvious nose and ears, and a long face with a bulbous head. Despite the fact that Duros are a homogeneous civilization with subtle variations of appearance, Raam stands out with his eccentric personality and motive face.

Raam, like many Duros, is quite tall and lanky. He stands at 2.23m/7’3” and has to duck through some of the lower openings in the crew quarters area of the Motherlode. Raam is usually seen among his droid creations or in the repair bay and has an affinity for machines more than people.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Foul-mouthed but verbally reserved much of the time, tending to be a loner but enjoying the company of a few, Raam is an eccentric. He matches Magleroy’s tendency for sarcasm but has a dirty sense of humor and a love of shock jokes. Part of him is sophomoric, enjoying crude displays more in line with an incorrigible teenager. Raam could be described as “not appropriate for all ages.” He is somewhat careless with safety standards and has a penchant for testing foods, devices, etc. without really understand what exactly they are first.