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Name Magleroy

Position Pilot

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Twi'lek
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Physical Description A female yellow Twi’lek with grayish-lilac eyes. Magleroy stands at a little over 5’10”/177.8cm with a solid, athletic build bordering on mannish. Magleroy is not the wispy and graceful dancer of the stock female Twi’lek image. Magleroy is more engineer than elegant, more lumbering than limber. She is aesthetically pleasing to some, but by Twi’lek standards she has angular features and seldom a look that is inviting. Magleroy straddles the gender line between traditional Twi’lek vocations and mannerisms. Magleroy’s body language is sarcastic and trenchant, though she is not an icy person. She is guarded. Like many Twi’lek, Magleroy cannot help but wear her emotions fairly close to the surface, a facet of herself that she dislikes.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Life is a war to a person like Magleroy; even when she is not battling others, she is battling some of her own worst impulses. She is the type who needs constant tension, something to pull against and in turn be pulled by. She doesn’t abide boredom and routine well, despite that often being a part of life on the Motherlode.

No doubt, Magleroy is a strong person who sticks up for herself and others. She doesn’t mind a good brawl as long as she’s the one holding the blaster. She doesn’t submit to authority well and her relationship with Guelph is one of constant tension and low-level insubordination. She loathes the concept of being owned and has an extremely dim view of most slavers. In her relationship with Xee, Magleroy definitely “wears the pants.”

Magleroy cares (enough) about three people in her life: her younger brother Jawfile, Xee, and Nitashe. She enjoys the company of Raam and Jambre, but they’re “on their own” if things go south.

Personal History Magleroy’s life is a story of slips and restarts, and she hasn’t had an easy existence. Magleroy claims no sob story for her past and begrudgingly admits that most of her life’s path has been by her own doing, merits and shortfalls and all.

She was born on a Twi’lek gambling ship and did not even set foot on a real planet until she was almost six years old. Growing up in the sleazy, desperate environment of gambling and with dealer parents, Magleroy rebelled against that world and to this day has a snarky aversion to gamblers.