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Skebior Guelph

Name Skebior (Fhondu) Guelph

Position Owner

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Corellian)
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Though not especially tall (5’9”/175cm), Skebior is a very large man who weighs well over 340lbs/154kg. He has small, dark eyes that reflect an intelligence and singularity of purpose. He generally keeps his hair short and utilitarian but sports a full beard which is redder than his overall brunetteness.

Skebior’s size and the often-slack expression of his face has led to competitors mistaking him for a slothful and rather dim man- and that is a fatal flaw. For a man of his girth, Skebior is rather dexterous and he is strong. He is more bear than sloth.

The odd contrasts that are Skebior’s character begin with his appearance and voice. Undoubtedly obese and sometimes mocked as a “Hutt on Two Legs” by his pilot, Magleroy, he has a surprisingly soft and calm voice. He can be loud, but he prefers to speak in the tones native to his throat. He is very seldom a roaring tyrant- though Skebior has a well-documented, explosive temper. Yet even in his rage, his voice tends to remain gritted and seething.


Personality & Traits

Personal History Skebior has a checkered past and an even more checkered reputation back in the Galactic Republic. He is largely unknown in the Empire, but his kind would unlikely be welcome. Skebior is best known outside the influence of either. For much of his career, he has stuck to the frontiers beyond the Outer Rim Territories. More recently, he has eschewed contact with anything except “Wild Space,” hoping to steer clear of the Republic-Empire conflict.

Skebior has few contacts among the Cartels but the Hutts generally look at him as a minor competitor not normally worth their attention. For all of Skebior’s wealth and success, it pales in comparison to the centuries of accumulation that a Hutt can amass. And Skebior, through all his faults, lacks one thing the Hutts can be said to have in spades: a killer instinct.

Guelph has never directly killed anyone, even those that have so displeased him that he disowns them. Despite the worst of his temper and paranoia, Guelph works in the gray areas of commerce and has never definitively stepped over into true black-market crime. He was once tried for smuggling but was acquitted. Whether actually guilty or not, he soon left the Republic after. For all his dark musings of eliminating his competition or those who impede his success, Guelph has never acted in such a way.

The only time Skebior has come close to responsibility for murder is when a former bodyguard of his- a Rodian named Mirn Todi- took to one of Guelph’s darker musings and eliminated a prostitute that Skebior had felt had gotten too close to him. Skebior immediately dismissed the Rodian and turned them over to Twi’Lek justice. Yet he still retains a fondness for Rodian muscle in his line of work. Hubb in particular, though flawed, has restored any misgiving about Rodians as loyal minions.

Skebior’s life as a businessman and prospector began aboard his older brother’s mining barge. Augher Guelph was a successful businessman in his own right with similar goals as his brother at the time- tap new sources of hyperdrive fuel. On a mission together, Skebior outshined his brother by locating a vein of novel hypermatter and forever sealed the relationship of the brother in enmity. Despite sharing the resource with Augher, Augher could not rise above his own petty jealousy that his brother had done better. They divided their partnership and Augher, though Skebior’s last surviving relative, has long since ceased contact.