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Xun'itash'eriqoi (Nitashe)

Name Xun'itash'eriqoi (Nitashe)

Position Native Scout

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Chiss
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Physical Description A rangy boy in his late teens with long black hair, startlingly luminescent red upon red eyes and vibrant blue skin. Nitashe is an extreme rarity among the larger galaxy- he is a Chiss, a race of isolationists and xenophobes in Unknown Space. It is clear that these “Chiss” are likely a near-Human race, though that is where much of their similarities with the galaxy at large ends.

Nitashe stands at 6’1”/185cm and weighs perhaps 140lbs/63.5kg when wet. Nitashe’s hair is shoulder length and prone to cowlicks, curls and ringletting. His face is dominated by a large, long nose and an equally broad mouth with an overbite. Nitashe is not the most attractive young man in the galaxy, but his unusual features are at least interesting to look at. Further, the vibrancy of his eyes and skin seem to amplify the more oxygenated an atmosphere is.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Precocious and curious, Nitashe is unusual for a Chiss- he is open minded enough to at least consider alien ideas even if he doesn’t integrate them into himself. Despite that, nine years of living in exile would make Nitashe “strange” to mainstream Chiss society, even the traditionally diplomatic families that make up the house seat of diplomacy and foreign affairs.

Reserved but not shy, Nitashe has the thoughtful caution of your typical Chiss. He is a scholar first. He enjoys learning even if he does not automatically assimilate or believe as truth everything he reads and learns.

Jambre has suspicions that Nitashe would qualify as “sensitive” in the Republic or Empire, though he is well past the age that the Jedi would show interest. The Sith on the other hand are eager to exploit anyone like Nitashe. Nitashe’s sensitivity is fairly limited and expresses most often in a natural grasp of language. It’s possible he has a low-level of receptive surface telepathy that helps him understand the message the person is trying to convey to him. Because the Chiss have no Sith or Jedi traditions, such “sensitives” are usually sought out as navigators or negotiators. Had Nitashe’s talent gone seen before his exile, his life may have been quite different.

Nitashe’s youthful vulnerability hasn’t gone unnoticed: Pezzir strongly suspects the boy to be what he is. Nitashe would have no particular interest in joining either the Jedi or the Sith- foreign groups with no tradition or tie to Csilla- but that makes him no more invulnerable. The Dark Side would find it hard to use the tradition path of anger and hatred to seed his hear. Nitashe’s weakness is curiosity and melancholy. He is isolated and that gnaws at him. He is vulnerable to existential angst and helplessness, and the Dark Side would offer him a way out of that. Pezzir, if her suspicions can bear fruit, would likely try to ferret out just those weaknesses. She would hope to be well-rewarded by her Sith masters for the effort.

Nitashe’s skill with language and critical thinking have brought him to an odd niche aboard the Motherlode. He is apprenticing with Raam and Jambre in maintaining the coding of the ship’s droids as well as maintaining the ship’s computer code. He is still very much an apprentice.

Nitashe’s desire to bond and impress with Jambre, Vad and Magleroy in particular has brought him into the orbit of the crew’s frequent Shoqr games. Nitashe isn’t great at the game but he is learning.

Personal History Xun’itash’eriqoi is from a cadet branch of the Eriqoi vassal family, part of a greater family-phalanx alliance with the diplomatic Council Seat of the Chiss Ascendancy. However, at a young age, the Eriqoi were forced to disband and marked as disgraced: the Eriqoi were a family that stood against the military’s decision to align themselves, at least nominally, with the Sith Empire.

Purged of their estate holdings and planetary governship over Cvaris by the Council Seat Family- the Batiru- the Eriqoi were either exiled or imprisoned for political dissidence. Xun’itash’eriqoi was among those who chose exile along with his Uncle. “Nitashe” was only nine years old at the time. These kinds of political powerplays are very common in Chiss society, and the ever-shifting face of the leading Noble Families (the Council Seats) entered a new, tumultuous period when the Ascendancy was approached by the Sith.

Moreover, the Ascendancy was approached as an equal, not as a thrall state. The Ascendancy felt that, to buy time and space, it was best to exploit the offer. The military has sent some of their agents to assist the Sith, but for the most part Chiss assets remain in Chiss space.

For Nitashe and his family, it meant exile to the frontier regions, much like disgraced samurai in Japan would turn “ronin” and form otokodate to survive. For Nitashe, he has lived in exile as long as he lived on Csilla and Cvaris. He misses Cvaris but only has dim memories of a very young age in the Ascendancy’s ancestral capitol world. He still has dreams of the jade colored jewel that was his homeworld, and it’s two snow white moons in their retrograde tango. He hopes to see it again one day but knows as long as the Sith and the Chiss maintain an alliance, that is all but impossible.

Nitashe’s parents are both in a faraway prison for political dissidents, though it is not the Chiss way to treat dissidents so harshly that they expire. It is more like a remote form of house arrest, though Nitashe has not been allowed to contact them in any way and has no idea where they are. He has no idea their status, nor the status of his older sister.

Nitashe and those of his family and greater clan who chose exile must be careful. It is the Chiss way to only strike second, but to strike definitively- if he or any of his family were to try an armed insurgency against the Ascendancy, the lives of those in prison are forfeit. It is a hostage system. Nitashe is well aware of that and has no designs on such an action. Nitashe’s allegiance to the Eriqoi is as a cadet branch and those decisions would likely be made by the central core of the Eriqoi (Nitashe is technically a Xun by birth).

Nitashe has no idea that his Uncle, who left two years ago to “answer new questions” before the Ascendancy, has betrayed the core family to strengthen the hand of his own son and daughter. Nitashe continues to wait for a signal from the man, and he’ll renew hiss berth on his Uncle’s ship when he returns. He is starting to wonder what’s going on and how much longer til he hears word.

Nitashe is for the most part the aristocratic kid in the high tower, or more like Prince Hal among the Falstaffs (and Raam fits the role of Falstaff particularly well). He’s never quite fit any useful mold aboard either his Uncle’s freighter or the Motherlode. His major interests are writing and language, but he’s been forced to diversify his skills in the light of his situation. He’s a forced dilettante who mostly works with Jambre and Raam, though Xee occasionally uses his grasp of organization with the inventory. Nitashe is mostly useful as a linguistic go between: Guelph has no talent for languages and in general does not trust droids.