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Kyra Gage

Name Kyra Gage

Position SIS Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

Personal History Born on Dromund Kaas, Kyra Gage was an orphaned daughter of loyal Imperial citizens. Taken in by the state, she was raised with the expectation of going into service to the Empire, and so given all training and opportunities to prepare for this. While life for orphans is hard anywhere in the galaxy, what she lacked in warmth in her upbringing was replaced with education and training.

In her early teens, an aptitude test identified Gage as suitable for a particular military program. Its nature was not apparent for long years, focusing as it did still on robust education and martial training, though the additional classes made her assume she was being prepared for a career in military intelligence. Particularly incongruous were the long lessons in mental and emotional discipline, which students assumed were for future officers to maintain psychological stability in the face of adversity or interrogation.

Gage was sixteen before she was assigned to train under a Sith, and when her true career path was revealed to her. The Cold War had hardly stopped conflict between the Jedi and Sith, and the Sith were constantly seeking means of eradicating dangerous enemies. The Sith Lord Skathe believed most significant Jedi were too well-trained in seeking and sensing the Dark Side to be ambushed or lured into a place of weakness. His solution was to prepare and train non-Force users as assassins.

The training regimen from there was brutal. Mental discipline was demanded to avoid detection, and a robust cocktail of stimulants would grant an assassin the physical prowess to eliminate a Jedi once close. Once her training was complete, Gage served the Lord Skathe as an assassin for five years, killing several padawans and, in her greatest achievement, one Jedi Master over the period.

She defected not long after, going missing from her next assignment before handing herself to Republic forces. Her official explanation was that the more she served in the wider galaxy, the more she understood the horrors of the Sith Empire, of which she wanted no part. Examination by multiple SIS experts and Jedi resolved that she was not lying, and was a critical source of vital intelligence on Sith covert operations.

Robust debriefings eventually made way for her being positioned within the SIS itself, first as a specialist advisor for certain operations. Once that experience dried up, her outstanding skills made her too valuable for SIS to let go - and where would she go? - and so she began thankless years as an SIS officer not trusted with delicate work. Gage did it all without protest and to an exacting standard, and over the next four years earned the trust enough of her superiors to be granted real assignments that make the most of her skills and knowledge.

It has made her the perfect candidate for the latest assignment.