The Treaty of Coruscant is at breaking point. The Sith Empire seeks to press its military advantage while the Galactic Republic fractures under its own disputes.

As both sides push for dominance in the Cold War, a new opportunity has arisen. Mysterious signals have sprung up, leading to ruins of the long-dead INFINITE EMPIRE scattered across the galaxy. These advanced technologies and secrets of the Force could give either side a key advantage in the oncoming conflict.

Now, both Republic and Sith assemble elite teams to bring back these prizes, or seize them before their enemies do...

Legacy of Shadows is a Star Wars writing group set during the era of Bioware's The Old Republic. As the tenuous peace treaty breaks down and the cold war tensions rise, both the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic vie for the upper hand in the oncoming conflict. Legacy of Shadows focuses on a particular contest between factions, as both pick up signals matching those from devices of the Infinite Empire, the ancient Ratakan civilisation that once dominated the galaxy through their technology powered by their control of the Dark Side of the Force. To seize the technology and knowledge for themselves, and - just as importantly - to stop it from falling into the enemy hands, both the Republic and the Sith assemble task forces, elite units, and small crews to go forth into the galaxy and get to these beacons, and their secrets, first.

As such, players in Legacy of Shadows are not responsible for individual characters in a wider crew, but whole teams affiliated with either faction. Anyone who joins is free to develop a whole host of characters engaging in this galactic-wide treasure hunt, as part of either the Republic's Operation Candlewick of the Empire's Stormbird Initiative. While a large part of Legacy's fun is players coming up with ideas together and contributing collectively to a wider story of the hunt for Infinite Empire technology, and the consequences this has across the galaxy, Legacy is designed for players to write Star Wars adventures in their own time and at their own pace. Of course, nothing stops a group of players from building a team together for a more traditional role-play experience.

Please enjoy our site as a hub of information on characters, the stories so far, and the collective information on the state of the galaxy - and the implications of this treasure hunt.

Legacy of Shadows is a Bravo Fleet group and a part of Task Force 99.

Latest News Items

» The Beginning

Posted on Mon Jan 13th, 2020 @ 10:21pm by Kyra Gage in General News

This is just to confirm: Legacy of Shadows now formally exists as a game within Bravo Fleet's Task Force 99!

If this is a story you're interested in getting involved with, please go ahead and sling us an application. We also welcome the chance to talk with potential players about their concepts before the submission of applications for players and teams.

But from here on, we're open for business and applications!

Latest Mission Posts

» Ambush! Pt. 3 - Revealed

Mission: The Easy Mark
Posted on Fri Feb 14th, 2020 @ 12:42am by Graf Drahl & Rumpralawa & Saffa Lot & Rafe Kitzer

Jedi Master Rumpralawa landed on the rooftop and took off running again. Pacing him at his side was Jedi Knight Saffa Lot, her eyes continuously scanning around them for signs of the pursuit she knew would be coming. Craddled in Rumpie's arms was the unconscious and unmoving form of his…

» Ambush! Pt. 2 - Overpowered

Mission: The Easy Mark
Posted on Thu Feb 13th, 2020 @ 12:11am by Rumpralawa & Saffa Lot & Rafe Kitzer

Rafe charged in and met his foe headlong, blade to blade. The Sith pushed against himself, and Rafe moved with the push rather than fight against it, focusing on keeping his feet moving and his balance steady. The Sith pulled back and launched a flurry of blows at Rafe's head…

» Ambush! Pt. 1 - Cornered

Mission: The Easy Mark
Posted on Wed Feb 12th, 2020 @ 8:59pm by Rumpralawa & Saffa Lot & Rafe Kitzer

Saffa felt, rather than heard or saw, the incoming blaster bolt. More accurately, she felt the intentions of the shooter, a sloppy mistake on the part of an Imperial trooper who's training should perhaps have been a bit more stringent. One moment she was shuffling forward in the rain towards…

» Onto Plan B

Mission: The Easy Mark
Posted on Thu Feb 6th, 2020 @ 8:55pm by Rumpralawa & Saffa Lot & Rafe Kitzer

After failing to recruit Graf, Master Rumpralawa and his former and current apprentice made their way back to the room they'd rented at a local inn. His apprentice, Rafe Kitzer, had begun asking about the meeting immediately, but the old Wookiee had silenced him with a wave. He was disappointed…

» Lessons

Mission: The Fool's Errand
Posted on Sun Feb 2nd, 2020 @ 3:22pm by Arador Starfall & Amaya


'Master, it's not like I'm -'

'Arguing isn't concentrating.'

Amaya huffed. Shifted her weight. And closed her eyes again. The puzzle box, a sealed cube, rose between master and apprentice in the small cargo bay of the Fool's Errand that Master Starfall had claimed as training space. There was…